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Models do a Lot of Things all the Time. Who Knew? blog image of Doutzen Kroes blog image of Doutzen Kroes


How any one reader will feel about this post depends on many factors, just as the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. It will depend on your gender; age; self-assessed feelings about your looks and body; weight; dietary status (meaning are you on one or not); level of self-esteem or all things fashion. You get my point. Despite my fluctuating opinions about all the above (except the gender issue…I am and have always been and felt like a woman-thank God), I have to give it to the Modelinia blog. It has everything, and I mean everything, your could ever want to know about models…who they date, what they wear, what their latest cause or campaign is, what their specific exercises are &c. Really it’s a teenage girls dream, or maybe a young 20 somethings too. It is the most comprehensive blog I have found to date, on the Internet about models. While our culture is celebrity obsessed, I remember growing up in a model obsessed culture. Boy have times changed. But, because we are inundated with celebs all the time, I have to say I want my freakishly tall 20-year-old, 6″2′ women with perfect features back on the cover of my Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Tatler &c. magazines because what’s a late 30’s, 5″5 (maybe a wee bit shorter) women to aspire to.


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