Amy Blogs Chow

A food writer and foodie who doesn’t cook? Well, that’s something to blog about.

amy blogs chow
Amy Cao (pronounced “chow”) of Amy Blogs Chow

I have to admit I have never heard of a food writer who does not cook. To be quite honest I have never heard of a foodie who doesn’t cook. Equally as puzzling, I have never heard of a food writer who is a foodie who doesn’t cook but video blogs “cooking.” But there is a first time for everything. Based on your pure bewilderment you should visit Amy Blogs Chow. I guarantee based on pure enjoyment you’ll stay, and be a frequent visitor. Ms. Cao has taken her weakness…cooking, and the obviousness of YouTube, and has created a series called Stupidly Simple Snacks. She makes indoor s’mores, and candied cashews all within a matter of minutes . They are quick, easy, & simple. But don’t be fooled these are not Food Network quality looking snacks (in fact I remember s’mores being more melted). But Ms. Cao’s videos and presentation are as cute as Ms. Cao. You won’t be able to help but chuckle, in a very good way. I happen to become of follower of Ms. Cao on Twitter due to her equally witty posts, so you may want to catch her there too.  Either way, you should see how Amy Blogs Chow. 


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