Daily Danny


Who Knew it Was So Easy Being Green. Someone alert Kermit!

This is new for The Blog Revue…Video! And while I should have come up with this bright idea with Amy Blogs Chow (I may still do a post script to my review), I’m pleased to get the ball rolling with Danny Seo. I have for many years attempted (not as successfully as I’d like) to be greener. Unplug those plugs, recycle that furniture, use that sun, water and roof to my advantage. For some reason a lot of it seems over-my-head,  expensive, or just too time consuming. Scene. Cut to Danny Seo. But green expert Danny Seo takes the frustration, lack of creativity and decor atrophy out of being green. In his Daily Danny blog he shows YOU, yes YOU…how to be green instead of corrsively black. His green ideas are actually appealing as is Mr. Seo. Watch the video and then run to Daily Danny, daily, and learn that it’s easy being green. Kermit he was such a liar.


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