Frugal for Life

Frugal is a six letter word for many, but given the right ideas it’s quit appealing

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I hate the words frugal, cheap, and budget. I think that is because for me they connote the idea of scarcity. God knows I have needed to be all three at one time or another. However, I have resisted on a consistent and conscious level to give in. So why, you may be asking, am I revue’ing a blog called Frugal for Life? A change in mindset. Frugal for Life’s adage is Spend Less, Waste Less, and Save More.  These are action phrases. They are not premised on the idea of having to submit to the undesired fate of not having enough. Rather these phrases hand me back my control and desire to add more to my life rather than having anything taken way. Each post provides ideas for that control, when at times we feel and know life is simply not controllable. No it’s not a glossy glamorous subject.  But, I think it gives food for thought that we have more options than we realize when it comes to where and how we spend, and how to save. If we use all, some or one of those options we can ultimately have more life and freedom from the burden of obtaining and then wasting what we obtained. Frugal for Life doesn’t make “frugal” a six letter word for me anymore.


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  1. Thanks for the review…
    I have to agree that they are still people who wrinkle their nose at the word frugal.. it’s not a negative word to me as means I have more, not less..

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