Zen Habits


A Nice Calm in the Blogospheric Storm

Zen Habits blog image

Zen Habits blog image

My life has felt somewhat chaotic & overwhelming as of late. Usually the first things to suffer from this fate are the things most important to me: my family, friends, home, business, blogs…and well me (not in the order mind you, “me” should be first). What I find, as I’m sure you do too, when chaos & feelings of being overwhelmed rule, focus & simplicity fly away like a bird migrating to the south for winter. While focus & simplicity may return many many months later, like that bird, I need them to return now before too much damage is done. Zen Habits assists you in getting that bird back much earlier. This blog helps you to refocus & prioritize  your life. A blog giving you sound advice on Killing Busy Work, 5 Great Ways to Conquer Self Doubt & How Not to Hurry to just name a few of posts in a large repertoire, should not be ignored. I first learned of Zen Habits on twitter (you can follow Zen Habits here) & was delighted to be led to the blog where it’s quiet, resourceful, & thought-provoking. I have to tell you, we should seek out & bookmark peace where ever we can find it.   Zen Habits is your peace in a social media frenzy.


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