Simple Advice for a Simple Sunday: Just Start Loving Yourself Already


 Instead of Trying to look like those women why don’t you try to be like these women. Or better yet, try being and loving yourself.

plus size models unite

Blog Image from Plus Size Models Unite

The rule at Blog Revue on Sundays is keep it simple. So, here it comes. “Eat when you’re hungry.”  “Stop when you’re full.”  “Drink when you’re thirsty (you can decide what that may be).  “Sleep when you’re tired.”  And for God’s sake (literally) “Start loving (or you can start with “like” if you want) yourself! Life is way to short and painstaking if you don’t.” If you need some inspiration then, bookmark, blogroll, e-mail, Digg it, or Share it,  Plus Size Models Unite, the brain child of Angela and Elizabeth. This blog is a plethora of interviews with gorgeous real looking women…with…self esteem! Who knew? What is also fantastic about this blog is its interviews and focus on real looking women who are not models. You know, like all the women you actually know in your everyday life, and see in the mirror. Plus Size Models Unite is a God send. Don’t you dare ignore what God sends you.


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One response to “Simple Advice for a Simple Sunday: Just Start Loving Yourself Already

  1. Elizabeth

    Hi Danielle,

    Thank you for your amazing revue! We truly appreciate it! Hope you have a great week.

    Angela and Elizabeth

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