The Information is There. All You Need to Do is Tap into it.

If you need some online advice, go no further than the Vallee.

Kim Vallee "before and after" web layout for at Home with Kim Vallee

I’ve been serious of late. As you know I love all things blog, and blogging…so I’ve started another, blog that is. You can find it here if your interested. This new blog is for my business, social media consulting. All blogging aside…I’m interested in acquiring and utilizing thoughtful, and sound information. This is how I found On the Web with Kim Vallee. Ms. Vallee is a lifestyle and entertaining expert. She has had such success with her At Home With Kim Vallee blog that she decided to share her expertise on social media for bloggers. I really enjoy her On the Web site, and check it almost daily (note to self get that RSS feed again Kim recommended). The blog provides such good common sense advice, coupled with more detailed information to bring your knowledge up a notch or two. Really, who does not want to be smarter? I highly recommend you pay On the Web with Kim Vallee a visit especially if social networking and/or blogging hold any interest for you, as I believe they do.


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