Christmas Count Down: DIY Christmas Card Board

Christmas Card Board from Canadian House & Home

I’m a sucker for Christmas. While it’s not December 1 yet it’s still after Thanksgiving. Therefore, a Christmas count down is in order. While Blog Revue is committed to highlighting the best and most committed bloggers around, the site is taking a brief detour this holiday season. As many of you started the frenzy of shopping on Black Friday, gift giving and home decorating are on your priority lists. But not all great gifts for friends, family, and even yourself are necessarily found pre-assembled in a mall. Hence the Christmas Card Board. Follow the link to Canadian House & Home above and learn how to easily create a custom made board for your home or someone else’s that will transcend the approaching holidays and the years to come. Christmas is about cozy feelings, hot chocolate, spritz cookies, thoughtful gifts, gatherings with your friends and family and a beautifully styled home. I think that this, just may help with some of that.



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