24 days until Santa




DIY Sugar Coated Fruit Wreath from Good Housekeeping

In keeping with the DIY theme for Blog Revue’s Christmas countdown (because we know all bloggers are at their core about doing it themselves), I could not resist this sugar-coated wreath. Sugared fruit is a mild obsession of mine during the holidays (it has a little to do with M. Stewart). I simply love the look. Therefore, when I came across this easy to make wreath from Good Housekeeping I had to let you know about it. For the “how-to” click the link or the image above. Sugared fruit can add elegance to any household. If you do it once, and properly…you’ll have a wreath to hang for many winters to come.

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2 responses to “24 days until Santa

  1. What a gorgeous wreath, and what a great idea! I ♥ it!

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