23 Days until Christmas: Cocktail Recipe


the Santa's Crutch created by Nick Devine

This week I watched what was one of the funniest Simpson episodes I’ve ever seen. In the standard opening there was a billboard for Duff beer which read: “Don’t face this Christmas sober.” When I think of Christmas I think, the birth of Jesus, Spritz cookies, holiday parties, and booze. This inventive recipe called Santa’s Crutch invented by Nick Devine includes among other things bourbon and apple juice (a couple of my favorite things). For the complete recipe click the link above or the image. Remember: Christmas is not just about the gifts, but also a little liquid warmth. As with any holiday season..don’t over do it (it’s not attractive when you’re drunk and falling over) and do not drive while intoxicated!!! Cheers.

P.S. for more great drink recipes visit Food City Magazine.

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