22 Days until Christmas and Chanukkah Recipe


Stuffed Pancakes from Aromas of Aleppo

Some of the fondest memories of my life involve best friends  and their consistent invites to Shabbat, & Seder dinners & Chanukkah celebrations. There was a time in my life when my Christmas holidays would not be complete until I’d eaten plenty of good Jewish fare.  So naturally when thinking about a recipe to add for our Christmas countdown, Chanukkah came to mind, despite the readily apparent contradictions of the two holidays. But, being one who looks for commonality more than difference, I noted that each holiday was about celebration with an accompaniment of sumptuous food. Luckily, I came along Stuffed Pancakes (stuffed with ricotta cheese mind you, dipped in pistachios and FRIED-unfortunately one of my favorite terms). As usual you can find the How-To by clicking the link or picture above. In all my “experienced” Chanukkah years I’ve never had this recipe. Given the historical explanation that comes with the directions as to what region this dish originates it makes sense it escaped my culinary palette.  No? No matter! I’m going to make it, & eat it. Because from the looks of it, it may be my new Christmas tradition.

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  1. Wonderful holiday recipe. I can’t wait to try this. Thank you!

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