20 Days until Christmas: A Cute Unique DIY Ornament


Sweet Savannah DIY Ornament, a real score

Part of having holiday decor that stands out to not only your guest, but your family, friends & most importantly…you, is originality. I have to say I stumbled upon the most unique and cutest DIY ornament idea from Sweet Savannah. If you have a Scrabble set that has been sitting around due to your limited immediate vernacular that yield  only three to four letter words, or you have quite the disposable income, give this a try. These ornaments are sweet, simple, and creative (click the link or the picture to be taken directly to the directions). Heck, maybe if you have enough time you’ll be able to put together longer words that personify Christmas.

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3 responses to “20 Days until Christmas: A Cute Unique DIY Ornament

  1. this is really cute! i love vintage-style stuff like this but can never think it up on my own! thanks!

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