18 Days Until Christmas: Mastering all the Christmas Lyrics



Christmas just would not be Christmas without the songs i.e. the 18th Century carols, the scores made by Irving Berlin, and contemporary Christmas music. I don’t know about the state you live in, but here my local radio stations have been playing Christmas music since a few days before Thanksgiving (that’s too much Christmas!!). But now that we are in the season to sing along, I think it’s best to finally master all the lyrics and not just the chorus or a couple of lines in a verse or two. To do this, give the top two links a try. Each link provides lyrics to popular Christmas songs. And the lower of the two links even provides accompanying music videos. I’ll admit it. I love to sing Christmas carols/songs loud and proud. Maybe this year I’ll sing all the correct lyrics instead.

P.S.  The Blog of the Year contest is quickly coming to a close (this Thursday December 9, 2010). The competition is tight and the finalists’ loyalists are coming out strong. So don’t forget to vote for who you want to win the Blog of the Year.


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