13 Days until Christmas: Giving is the True Spirit of the Holiday

don't ignore the bell, give to the kettle

My friend had this habit of sending her parents of elaborate trips for their anniversary each year. One year, she planned a surprise trip to Boston for them. This trip just happened to coincide with their annual holiday, so my friend went along too. They all stayed in a five star hotel, ate at five star restaurants, and saw the Boston Pops for the Christmas season. My friend told me outside a department store she saw none other than former United States Senator Ted Kennedy ringing the Salvation Army Bell, of which they promptly gave money (but they usually did whether he was present or not). This story and  Senator Kennedy’s sacrifice of time (in the cold mind you), and Salvation Army in general, remind me of what Christmas is about…giving. But not about the Madison Avenue type giving. While I too love seeing the joy on my family’s faces when they get that “thing” they wanted, I feel even better when I give to nameless, faceless people through organizations like the Salvation Army, or my time to my church’s holiday feeding program. Whether you like it or not, Christmas is directly related to the birth of Christ who gave the ultimate gift of His life (for the people He knew and the one’s He did not). See there are people who are suffering, and have more difficulty and need more help than you or I could ever imagine or will ever go through in our lifetimes. I think this should be at least the one day where we give something greater than the “things” we’ll probably not remember this time next year.

You can give to the kettle (or I am sure any charitable organization) on-line. Specifically, for the Salvation Arm click the picture to go to their site.


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