11 Days until Christmas: the Brits have Bridget Jones, Mark Darcy & Crackers

DIY Christmas Crackers

In many parts of Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Christmas Crackers are a enduring holiday tradition. Not so much in the United States, but I have brought them to our family for this Christmas. If the allure of the “Crack” ing sound and the goodies inside (small trinkets or sweets) prove to put smiles on everyone’s faces, then they will probably be an on-going tradition at my home. Now I purchased my Crackers. You can get them anywhere. But for those of you who want to really put the personal touch on Christmas, click the picture for the DIY Crackers you see here posted on Our Big Earth. This is great project to get kids involved in too. The point is, is that not EVERY THING has to be the same, and that includes Christmas. Inject at least one new thing, for my family it’s the Christmas Cracker…and see if everyone’s reaction warrants a new holiday tradition.


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