9 Days until Christmas: Bakers Get Out Your Skills for this Holiday Torte

Ribbon Cake from Bon Appetit

There always has to be a special something for Christmas dinner. Something you don’t make often, you do well, takes time, looks incredible (like you want to smear it all over yourself incredible), and taste even better. This cake, is IT! This little item is know as the The Ribbon Cake around the office of Bon Appetit where this spiced Chocolate Torte delicacy originated. Click the image to go to Bon Appetit and the recipe, but more importantly to learn why this has been their most popular cake for 24 years. Yes, you heard me right. 24 Years!!!  About 12 years ago made a flourless chocolate cake that was on the cover of the current (back then current) Saveur magazine for some guests I was having over. Little did I know the time, patience or energy it would take to make that cake (given that I really a novice and this was my very first foray into fine baked goods. Go big or go home, no). Well it took me from start to finish, about six hours to make that cake. I’m proud to say it looked like heaven and tasted better than that. I have friends who still talk about how good that cake was to this day. In all these years I haven’t felt anything calling me as much as that flourless chocolate cake on the cover of Saveur those many years ago…until now!!


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