8 Days Until Christmas: What Are You Eating Christmas Morning


Never-fail Souffle from Saveur (photo credit: Christopher Hirsheimer)

I don’t know about you, but every holiday morning is the exact same for me. I get up, excited about early holiday dinner. But I’m at a complete loss for what I’ll have for breakfast. The breakfast can’t be too light, so I can be satisfied. It also cannot be too heavy, so I can participate in a Spanx worthy meal. So either I have nothing for breakfast or the same old, which seems so dull given it’s a holiday. I mean, shouldn’t every holiday meal be something special. I say: “Yes!” this year. Therefore, this Christmas I’m going to do something different. I’m going to make a Christmas breakfast that is not what I normally eat. Christmas isn’t like any other day, and neither should any of my meals that day either. Here is the caveat. It has to be filling enough, special enough, and easy enough to whip up and eat. I believe Saveur’s Christmas breakfast Souffle (and all their other Christmas breakfast meals fit the bill (mostly…some are intricate). It’s special, guaranteed to be good (I mean it’s from Saveur, I love them), and quick! Click the picture to go to the recipe and see the other Christmas breakfasts. So this is my plan, a special Christmas breakfast to go with a special Christmas dinner. Now, what are your holiday breakfast plans?



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