6 Days Until Christmas: Help for you and your Children to Know What is Happening at the Northpole

It’s almost that time, and I’m excited. But, my enthusiasm wanes in comparison to all the children around the world. So to help your kids, nieces, nephews &c. really get into the count down of Christmas I found a couple of sites they may like. The first site is noradsanta.org. This site is featured in many languages, has it’s own countdown and an interactive Santa village where each building in the village leads to interactive and educational games. What is also great about Norad, is that it tracks Santa on his flight to all the children’s homes throughout the world on the faithful day, using Google earth. You and your kids will love this site. I did. Another great site for the family is northpole.com. It too has an interactive Santa’s village with games, i.e. questions to determine whether you or your children will be on the Naughty or Nice list. It also shows Santa’s favorite Christmas books by age range, along with recipes, and stories that can be read to you or read by you or your child. Take the time this year to get invested with your child in the hope that is Christmas. You won’t regret it. Many of the activities are a good way for you to release the child in you (that never went away) or kill a little time while on your own.


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