5 Days Until Christmas: Set Up Your Own Holiday Photo Booth and Watch the Evening Progress

We all take photos of family and friends during the holiday. However, I think it’s time to bring it up a fun notch for the holidays. Yes, posed pictures are nice, but how about your own holiday photo booth? I have to let you know that this great idea is not mine…while I’d like to take credit, I won’t. It is a great idea from Digital Photography School. Don’t worry you don’t have to purchase a photo booth. All you need to do is find a space at the party with a lot of light. Hang a curtain in the background.  Initially start off taking the pictures in the beginning as people arrive, and then leave the point and shoot camera on a tripod on a short timer, so people can revisit the “booth” as the night goes on, on their own. I love this idea. You get to see the progression of merriment. For the complete how-to click here (and above). Needless to say, if all goes right you’ll be talking about these pictures for years.


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