4 Days Until the Big Day (Christmas): and How not to Pull a Nutty

Keep Calm and Carry On

If you celebrate Christmas one of two things is happing to you right now. Some of you are in organized Christmas bliss because your shopping is done, Christmas cards are sent out, meals are planned and home decorated. Other’s of you, like me, are not done with your Christmas shopping, have a vague idea as to what you are going to cook for Christmas dinner, you haven’t gotten out your Christmas cards (which is probably too late for), and the house is not fully decorated. If you are in the latter group here some ideas I found trolling around the Internet, as well as my own to have a…as I like to call it…a Nutty Free Christmas.

Shop Online: I did this for all the gifts that I have so far. The best part is that they guarantee Christmas delivery (if ordered by a certain time) and you can fill out a card on-line so you don’t have to purchase one (or a Christmas tag for that matter).

Realize Christmas is not like on Television or Movies: Your Christmas will not, nor has it ever been perfect. Your meal won’t be perfect, nor will your kids. And the family fiasco that ensues will not be funny until years later or to the unfamiliar observer.

Take a Deep Breath: Curse while doing so under said breath, and then let it go. Surrender is the key folks. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Spend what you Can Actually Afford: Have we learned nothing from America’s almost financial ruin? Too many things were put on too much credit. Therefore, if you have credit left don’t use it for gifts for people who will forget about said gift in less than six months. Use cash and a budget. It’s not the size of the gift that matters it really is the thought. You can always see what the thoughtful gifts are. More money does not equal thoughtfulness.

Purchase only Perishable Gifts: I learned this nifty tip from Ina Garten a couple years ago, and have put it into practice since. When I purchase something perishable, like theater tickets or food, I know it will be used. People very rarely let these types of gifts go to waste. I like knowing my money was not wasted. Plus it makes shopping for people so much easier.

Give money to young adults for Christmas: This does not need to be explained if you have a young adult in your family. If you have a small child that will one day be a young adult you’ll learn why this is such a fantastic tip the hard way.

Focus on what Christmas really is about: It’s about getting together, eating and enjoying the company no matter who the company is.

Give Yourself Credit: The fact that you have even gotten a little bit of your Christmas To-Do list completed is worth a celebration. I’ll let you in a little secret: Getting down on yourself makes life much much harder and you much less motivated to continue whatever it is.

Do What Ever You Can with a Drink in your Hand and Great Music in the Background: For my AA friends make sure you have that music on loud and dance it out.

Keep Calm and Carry-On: Enough said.


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