3 Days Until Christmas: Make Sure to Get Egg on Your Face

Eggnog (photo provided courtesy of elanaspantry.com)

There are a lot of things about Christmas I love. Ironically, Eggnog is not one of them. I love creamy, ice cream like drinks. But I have never been able to wrap my taste buds around the egg holiday favorite. I must admit that I’ve only had store bought Eggnogs. That’s why I was thinking this year, I’m going to give the perennial favorite another shot, only this time the shot will be homemade and of different variations. With my goal in mind I did a little Internet research and found, a whole Eggnog website at Eggnog Recipe Collection. It has alcoholic, traditional, easy, low-fat and indulgent Eggnog recipes. This peaked my interest and satisfied the first part of my Eggnog journey. But always wondering if there is something better out there, I perused a little more and  hit on something  that fits my wannabe more of lifestyle from Elana’s Pantry, a vegan gluten free Eggnog recipe. These sites are perfect as I can amass a test kitchen laboratory of different Eggnogs to give my appetite a true opportunity to either deny or exult the tastiness of Eggnog.

I just seems to me that I can’t give up on a food item if I’ve only had the mass produced processed form of it. This year it’s all about the egg (or the almond depending on the recipe), with heavy cream, nutmeg, and bourbon made in my own kitchen. If you like me, do not like Eggnog or are searching for an Eggnog to write home to mom about, set up your own test kitchen with your family and you as the testers this very merry holiday.


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One response to “3 Days Until Christmas: Make Sure to Get Egg on Your Face

  1. I’ve never tried eggnog but I plan on doing so this Christmas.. nice post

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