2 Days Until Christmas: the History of Foul Food, Hitting, and St. Nicholas’ Bones that Were Our Christmas Traditions

With Christmas so close at hand, and this little countdown I’ve created, it got me thinking about the origins of Christmas. I’m not talking about the religious traditions we undertake, but rather the secular ones. I mean it’s 2010. I can’t image Christmas was celebrated in the same as today in the early 19th Century. So to find answers, without having to read up on the subject which would require more work and time than this season and blog allow (and cause I didn’t wanna), I went to Television (the source of all that is factual and true). But, I did not go to just any T.V. source,  I went to the History Channel. What did I find?  I found my answer, in a short video with fun pictures and music that further fuel the Attention Deficit Disorder that is so prevalent in America and those who amble about the Internet.  Let’s just say that boiled wheat, bone ointment (of a Saint no less) and hitting (hopefully) are not a part of our current Christmas traditions. However, if you’re looking to kick it “old skool” for the holidays, your answer is above.


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