1 Day Until Christmas: Why Do I Fall for It Every Year, Do You?

It’s Christmas Eve. By the time I will have finished writing, and publishing this post it will be Christmas Day my time. Why, you may ask am I posting in the middle of the night? It is for one simple reason…I fell for it….again. All day today I fell into the Christmas Eve trap. Everyone was out and about. In the malls, boutiques and grocery stores. As I sat in my home comfortably stress free this morning, my mind started to wander and asked: “Did you buy enough gifts for so and so? Better go out today and get a little something more. Plus, the grocery and liquor stores are closed tomorrow, so you better stock up as if the next ice age is approaching within 24 hours as we will not be able to leave our home until the second Mesozoic era.” I spent more money today (in miscellaneous and food) then I had on all the presents I already purchased for my family. As a result of my inability to go against the cultural grain (and my unfounded need to not be labeled “cheap”) I became increasingly crabby as Christmas Eve progressed. Now it is almost Midnight (my time) with presents still unwrapped, and a bare tree standing in front of me (that may never see a string of lights or a glittery ornament this year). Then in the quite of this Christmas Eve night I realized Christmas is coming whether I am prepared or not, and Stressed is Desserts spelled backwards. Since the latter is the case, then I can’t take the Stressed all to seriously. Maybe this is the Christmas miracle, realizing that “Yes” once again I fell for it, and “Yes” I’m still not ready for (now today) to be here, but nonetheless I’m accepting what is. No more fighting the inevitable next day’s arrival. No more guilty feelings about how much I spent and did not decorate. Rather Desserts and Christmas peace in the middle of chaos is what I am choosing to embrace. That beats being Stressed any day. So if you are like me Let go…and let it be a very,

Merry Christmas!!!!



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2 responses to “1 Day Until Christmas: Why Do I Fall for It Every Year, Do You?

  1. MaryBeth

    Hit the nail right on the head. This is exactly how I feel every year. I start shopping very early and then just get more anxious as the day gets closer. The biggest problem is the buying of enough food, ugh, the amount spent just about kills me. Each year I swear this will not happen next year but it does. I promised myself this would be the last time, we will see. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you. MB

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