The Secret to Success: One Day at a Time

As you know most persons (specifically Americans) are almost three weeks into their life changing actions known as the New Year Resolution(s). Now some have already failed to adhere to the self-imposed rigors of their new plight, and others are going strong. I happen to come across a blog post by Wayne Dyer that reminded me of a book on success I read last year by John Maxwell called Today Matters. In essence Mr. Dyer’s post here, and John Maxwell’s book preach the same message. Great lives are made by great days. Changes aren’t made with the future in mind because the future, and the time it takes to get there, plays a psychological battle that very few of us win. If we tell ourselves in each minute of just one day (the day we are in) that we’ll eat right, do those sit-ups, be kinder just for TODAY…that one day inevitably turns to two, to three, to four…and so on. In a blink of an eye you’ve kicked a bad habit, started some good new habits, and changed the trajectory of your life. Resolutions are made, as most changes of life are, on the premise of having obtained a certain goal in the not so foreseeable future. Success is based on meeting the goal everyday, and worrying about whether you’ll make the goal tomorrow, tomorrow. Here is one of my secrets to a great night’s sleep. At the end of each day I ask myself,  “Did I do today everything I could do TODAY to work toward everything I want to achieve for my life?”  Because all I have is today. If my answer is: “Yes,” than it was a day well spent and I’m that much closer to my success (or resolution-whatever you want to call it).



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2 responses to “The Secret to Success: One Day at a Time

  1. Loved your post Danielle. I love the ‘what am I going to do tomorrow?, and the ‘did I do everything I thought of today’ Q & A session I have with me each night! Ever so satisfying!

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