Problems Suck & People Need to Like Me: And Other Lies We’ve Adopted as Truth

I have to admit that today I’ve been in the doldrums. I’m starting another business which I’ve done successfully, mind you before, but today my thoughts and fears got the worst of me. Obviously when things such as this happen there is only one place to turn…and that is to Oprah. I say this tongue and cheek, as I rarely go on the Oprah site (although I am a dedicated daily viewer), but today I’m glad I did. You see I came across an article that may literally set me free, and you too. If you don’t read anything else all year, you should take time to read Martha Beck’s article called 10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn.  I mean,  who knew that if all my wishes came true my life wouldn’t be perfect (that I don’t mean sarcastically, not today)? Or, it’s not important to stay happy? I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary anguish these past 12 hours. The reason why I find this quick read so good is that deep down I believe we all want to do and be something greater than what we are. However, we fail to realize we’re trying to achieve greatness (which is subjective by the way) adhering to cultural deceits, mendacities and myth. So free yourself. Learn the truth. The doors to the prison cell are open we just have to walk out of them.



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2 responses to “Problems Suck & People Need to Like Me: And Other Lies We’ve Adopted as Truth

  1. Hang on in there Danielle, and I’m glad you stopped by Oprahs site. I’m halfway through reading the article, and I have to say it’s wonderful to have lifes lessons spelt out so beautifully! I know this dose is good for me!

    • Danielle Shelton

      Thanks Deeba. I’m glad I dropped by the O site today too. I’ve also decided to take a cue from the musical Annie though…”The sun will come out tomorrow so you got to hang on till tomorrow.”

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