Do You Have to be a Dog or a Toddler to Enjoy Winter: Possibly

photo by Geneve Hoffman (click image to go to Geneve Hoffman Photography)

This evening’s weather report got me thinking about winter. Especially since they are forecasting 3-6 inches of snow for tomorrow-which would be fine if we had not already had 500 feet snow since December 10. I fully admit that I have the option of moving, which I would whole-heartedly do immediately, if I could convince my husband to move back to California (he lived there before, not me). But, it has been two years since I started my household California campaign. It hasn’t caught. But as Berry White said “Quit’in just ain’t my shtick.”  So I remain hopeful. Since I’m stuck for now I wondered, Is it possible to enjoy winter if you’re not a dog or a toddler (each so easily amused with limited cognitive capacity). I’m not sure. But given the right attitude, people and enough sun apparently there are lots of things to do outside in winter (besides run inside). Cindy Beach (how ironic) of the County Cabin blog named 28 things we could do in winter in her Making the Most of Winter post. Can you believe it? Most of them sound quite good i.e. a ice skating party, a winter bonfire, & making snow cream (although our polluted air quality makes me fear this one a bit). Apparently there is a positive to a 500 feet of snow negative. So dive right in!


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