An American Southerner Expat in France: a Delicious Funny Read

Bagna Couda, Two Ways: Image from Southern Fried French The saying goes; “Wherever you go, there you are.” What if you get to go somewhere and discover that you are quite different than where you were over there. Truth be told I always wanted to have an a true expat experience, as an adult with a semblance of common sense, unlike my time studying and living abroad in Spain at the age of 19-20. Since I’m being honest here, I’m slowly, or rapidly depending on who you talk to, becoming a Francophile. Of all my traveling companions to France I was the only one who loved the people, food, and city. I couldn’t get enough. This is why I regularly read Southern Fried French.  Lynn McBride-a South Carolinian is living out my dream of living in France. But here are the reasons why you should read it. The French recipes are simple, and simply to die for. You’ll want to hurry to the market to eat what she and her friends have cooking, or at least try to pull it from the computer screen for consumption. There is no better way to learn the French rules of etiquette from a Southerner and her husband who botch them, making for some interesting hilarity. An example, when Ms. McBride offered a round of wine to her guests viewing the accommodations in the Chateau she and her husband are leasing from now friends. Sounds like a harmless appealing offer, except it was not appropriate and Ms. McBride’s description of the event is priceless. Furthermore, I think we should all adapt the way in which the French discreetly let a guest know that she has in fact taken in too much of the liquid grapes. If you’re not a Fancophile like me you’ll probably become a Lynn McBrideaphile (that’s made up you know). Fly on over to Southern Fried French, because you should never miss tasting anything Fried!


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