Fabulous Hit the Blogosphere through the Mrs

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it has a point of view and is styled right. So the picture at left should tell you a bit about the blog Mrs. Lilien- Styling House, and the blogger Mrs. Kelley Lilien. By trade this Mrs. Lilien is a graphic artist and prop stylist (i.e. the image at right). By night, she injects the blog community with style and flair, through her witty post prose, and her colorful, energetic, sense of style and flare. Who knew mojitos went best with a Elizabeth and James Kimono Maxi dress? You didn’t, nor did I, but we can learn. Let us never forget about the 7 success driven persuasions in our life lifetime (number 2 being above). Most people pretend to be glamorous. Some people are glamorous and never share the wealth. Few people are glamorous and let us in on how-to be too. If you’re interested in the latter, I suggest a visit to Mrs. Lilien- Styling House.


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