It’s Summer. Let’s Take an Escapade

Interior design blogs, just like fashion blogs perplex me. Where do they find all of these good images all the time? But a great interior design blog has more than good images. It has a flare, a style of its own only best expressed through an interesting blogger. Therefore, it may not be fair to call Escapade simply an interior design blog, because it hits, fashion, DIY ideas, and Esty finds all done in a stylish way. Clearly Sharalee Mushore, the blogger,

Escapade Blog Imagehas more interests and points of view she has to express. Express she does, in an interesting way. I’ve spent hours at a time on this blog getting inspired and motivated. This leads me to the best part, Ms. Mushore’s Inspiration for the week. They are good thoughtful quotes that propel the dullest of spirits upward. Here is my favorite. If you want to be inspired visually and emotionally I think it best to take an Escapade. It is only during these times that our thoughts and dreams collide turning into action.


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