Oh No She Didn’t…

image from Fashion, BitchesThey don’t make enough adult picture books. In fact, why is it assumed that once you’re past the age of 6 your visual acuity heads for the hills never to return. I’m all about imagination, but lay it out for me sometimes-especially when it comes to my fashion. Advertisements be damned-just show me the goods without the copy. If you think like me you’re in luck and you’ll appreciate the art of blogging even more.  Because this blog is about Fashion, Bitches! Really this is what the blog is called. It is simply a picture book of fashion-Haute Couture, street style, hair, makeup, and style trend setters past and present with a little miscellaneous thrown in for good measure. The blogstress, Lauren has truly made this her own. Clearly, her blog’s vision has transformed and matured as time has gone on (which most blogs do). I have to tell you I spend inordinate amounts of time looking through the images (and hearting them). If you love fashion and inspiration as much as I do, you’ll spend lots of time on this site too. Because when it gets right down to it, it is…it’s just Fashion, Bitches!


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