Post of the Day: Every Little Girl Should be Taught Her Worth

When Royals Wore Ruffles-A Funny and Fashionable AlphabetLilly Lemontree

I’ve been thinking about childhood a lot lately. Maybe it’s because as us adults know the weight of the world can seem to come crashing down on us. Quite often I believe the amount of the weight would be significantly lighter if during childhood parents took more care in teaching children their inherent worth and personal style-and to be proud of it. Lilly Lemontree’s post highlights this great little fashionable story book she shares with her daughter called When Royals Wore Ruffles by Pamela Jaber and Chesley McLaren. While it’s an alphabet book about fashion (something I LOVED as a little girl and still do today), I think it may impart some needed wisdom to our girls, like above. “A is for Attitude! An Absolute must. It’s not the size of your bow, your mother’s pearls, or parading about in high, high, heals. It’s the spring in your step…” That is good advice, something girls, and I know plenty of women, need.


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