We are Really Very Small

Image from the movie A Bug's Life

I think that there is something that we all inherently know, despite our resistance to acknowledge it. We are all inherently really very small. Like a bug. We may have big personalities and big impressive jobs, homes, and accomplishments. But we’re really at the mercy of something much greater. It may be a hurricane, tornado, job loss, death of a friend or family member, or the unexpected arrival of a baby. Big events, with maximum impact, with very little input from us. These events can erode our physical and mental foundations, and bring upheaval into our seemingly ordered worlds.

Have you ever noticed an ant as you walk in its path? You’re the unexpected presence from which it attempts to run away. Once you’ve gone I can only expect that ant goes back to doing what it was doing in the first place. Does it then ponder its existence and the meaning of what it does. I doubt it. That gift is specifically reserved for us. Unlike a bug we rarely have the same amount of life snuffing footsteps to contend with, but contend with them we do nonetheless. So what gives?Instead of deriving positive energy out of our size realization, moving as briskly as possible in the direction we know we want to head doing what we know we can, we do the complete opposite. We make ourselves smaller by berating our inability to control the big events. We never could control them. The only problem is now we have to acknowledge it.

We are really very small.

The question now remains if we want our actions to stay that way?


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