Oh, Mrs. O…That Look is Fabulous on You

Mrs. O blog image: Photo by Charles Dharapak / AP ImagesI love fashion. I love first ladies. With the recent release of the Jackie O. recordings it got me thinking again about fashion and first ladies. Now I can admit that not all first ladies are fashionable. Therefore, they all don’t deserve fashion blogs and/or books dedicated to their style. I also have to admit that for my taste, I’ve never been alive during a presidency in which I truly observed the first lady to be fashionable. I’ve done two things with the latter statement: 1) dated myself, and 2) excluded princesses (Diana) to be exact. Now regardless of your political views we have another real fashionable first lady. Luckily for people like me, Mary Tomer Byun, or “Mrs. T” saw early on what many of us would want… a chronicle of Mrs. Obama’s style in a blog called Mrs. O. An online picture book of sorts. What I love the most is how up-to-date all the images are. We don’t just get to see Mrs. Obama’s fashion sense during formal appearances or occasions but also at the local Target store. Because, she like us has to get some necessities. If you like style attached to a first lady I suggest Mrs. O. There’s no better way to see how one of the most influential women in the world dresses from day to day.


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  1. Najmah Oconnell

    My first time here. Nice blog and great post. Well done.

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