Entitlement: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Image by Henri Clarke for Conde NastNot getting what you want? Feeling the sting of the global recession? Are you wondering what the way out is? I have a suggestion. Start acting Entitled. Start acting like you are too Entitled to be the victim of economic circumstance. Act so Entitled that the mere thought of it is a bore. Act as if you are owned pleasure, increase in everything, and favor with people. Act as if you are bored with anything less than these.  Sounds crazy? Maybe. But what you believe becomes you’re world. We are master creators, most of us just don’t know it yet. Entitlement seems to be a dirty word to most. We think it is synonymous with wealth and rudeness. There is nothing wrong with wealth, rudeness however is an entirely different matter. We also seem to think that Entitlement is only bestowed on those of a certain family or class. I beg to differ. Being here, alive, entitles all of us think and live well. You don’t have to take my word for it. Ask anyone who lives Entitlement just how their world is, and I bet it will be easier than yours. However, this pick-me-up isn’t for everyone. If you want to stay in the drudgery of martyrdom, go ahead. But I guarantee if you try it for one day, less will seem to bother you and more will come to you. You’ll be different. You’ll feel different. I’ve said it before, believing is seeing.


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