Dog Gone It, I Love this Dog Blog

Dogster Blog ImageI love dogs!!! I don’t understand people who don’t love dogs. My advice to any adult is to get a dog. Life gets hard. All people and all circumstances can become difficult (from mildly to extremely). If you need a reprieve. And you just want to feel loved. Get a dog! They are worth caring, feeding, worrying about and cleaning-up after. With all that said, for you dog lovers and care(r) for(s) you must visit the Dog Blog. I’m normally not a big fan of corporate blogs, they’re impersonal…and…well corporate(y). But Dogster has seemed to dodged that bullet.  They have some of the cutest and most special dogs (minus my own…and your’s of course) to see. If you want to know about dogie Halloween costumes, dog park etiquette or the “Fresh Patch” (it is how it sounds only it’s for the house) to name a few topics, visit the blog. If I can’t convince you, then maybe the picture above from the Dog Blog will. If dogie eyes still don’t convince you, your heart may very well be made of stone.


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