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Dog Gone It, I Love this Dog Blog

Dogster Blog ImageI love dogs!!! I don’t understand people who don’t love dogs. My advice to any adult is to get a dog. Life gets hard. All people and all circumstances can become difficult (from mildly to extremely). If you need a reprieve. And you just want to feel loved. Get a dog! They are worth caring, feeding, worrying about and cleaning-up after. With all that said, for you dog lovers and care(r) for(s) you must visit the Dog Blog. I’m normally not a big fan of corporate blogs, they’re impersonal…and…well corporate(y). But Dogster has seemed to dodged that bullet. ¬†They have some of the cutest and most special dogs (minus my own…and your’s of course) to see. If you want to know about¬†dogie¬†Halloween costumes, dog park etiquette or the “Fresh Patch” (it is how it sounds only it’s for the house) to name a few topics, visit the blog. If I can’t convince you, then maybe the picture above from the Dog Blog will. If dogie eyes still don’t convince you, your heart may very well be made of stone.


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