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I KWID You Not: Kelly Wearstler’s My Vibe My Life

Kelly Wearstler of My Vibe My Life Blog {Blog Image} I used to be fascinated with “celebrity” until I decided my time was much more valuable than reading about famous people going to the supermarket, or discussing their personal lives….again. But, there are some things that I never get tired of. I’m enthralled with the work of people, and learning about how they see what they do and what motivates them in their work. That I have tolerance for, whether they are known or unknown to the world. I have some interior design interest, as do many of you. Although I don’t have enough interest to actually do it. Anyway you may have heard of KWID or Kelly Wearstler Interior Design, or you may have seen Ms. Wearstler on some Bravo channel design show (at least I think it’s Bravo). In the world of interiors, she is a very well known designer. If you know of her even more than that, she definitively has her own obviously unique style and vibe-which I really like about her. Which might be the reason why her blog is called My Vibe My Life. It’s Ms. Wearstler, her life, style, and work-with big fat glossy pictures. The text is minimal but the pictures are plentiful and say a lot about her world. Take a look! It’s always interesting to feel someone else’s Vibe and peek into their life.


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The Alexis [Stewart] Blog

Brash, independent, uncensored, potty mouthed, baker whose  mother is the queen of perfected domesticity, really

Alexis Stewart (left) with co-host Jennifer on the "Whatever, Martha!" set: Picture from New York Magazine
Alexis Stewart (left) with co-host Jennifer on the “Whatever, Martha!” set: Picture from New York Magazine

You may have thought that I went Life Support on you, but alas I did not. In fact, during this short time away I escaped to the land of the famous, independent, and familial(ly) connected. I went to Alexis Stewart’s blog. I’ve been going there for the better part of 1.5 years now. It’s well worth the trip. Yes, Ms. A. Stewart is her mother’s offspring (Martha Stewart for you all pop culturally challenged), but she is also her antithesis. If you love to bake, you’ll love this blog…Ms. A. Stewart bakes with compulsion. If you love seeing how other’s live…she shows you her home and then some. If you love brash, independent, uncensored, no holds bar women (that’s what I love) Ms. A. Stewart’s blog is the place for you. There is something extremely refreshing about someone who lives how they want, talks how they want, and shows what they want, when they want to without ulterior motive. The best part is she’s the daughter of one of the most famous women in the world. But don’t be in awe of Ms. A. Stewart’s DNA, she’s a standout all on her own.


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Guest of a Guest

Sometimes you just want to know what the person is doing in the other room
even if it doesn’t enhance your life in any way

Guest of a Guest
Guest of a Guest, blog image

We all have them. They are the things that we know don’t necessarily increase our mental capacity or our emotional and spiritual growth. Rather they feed our salacious desire for gossip and longing for that grass on the other side. Here is my “thing,” it’s called Guest of a Guest. It reads like an on-line Hello Magazine of sorts. Only it is beholden to all things NYC and Hamptons: e.g. parties, people, restaurants, gossip, charity events. What is so delicious is that many famous people and socialites (…since PAP is on Life Support this is my new source) live in Apple. The daily posts read like an US or People Magazine and the pictures are similar, but no less oddly fascinating. make sure to read the About section of the blog, the profiles are quite humorous. However, like I’ve said before, every now and then you need your mind candy just make sure you get it from a Guest of a Guest.

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The Martha Blog

Why You Should Like Good Things

martha blog image

Martha Stewart and friends (from the Martha Stewart blog)

If you like me have been described as Type A (or as my girlfriend calls the two of us “Type “A” with a capital, bolded and underlined) and you have dreams of perfection in all areas of you life even though you fall short most times, but never give up trying then The Martha Blog is for you.  It’s pretty much “Martha: A Day in the Life.” If you really want to know a day in the life of a celebrity, then this is the blog to turn to…it’s foundation is old fashioned web journal with the current technological upgrades of course. The blog has great pictures (with every post), it’s varied in content, the commentary is descriptive but not too wordy, and it posts daily. Furthermore, depending on your interest in Ms. Stewart herself you can pick the subject matter listed to the left of the computer screen, click on it, and get all the related posts. However, if you are looking for household and garden maintenance tips, etc…this is not a how to blog (you can go to her website for that) this is a “What has Martha been up to blog.” If you truly care what she’s been up too or are mildly interested how the rich and famous really live, you’ll think the this blog is “A Good Thing.”

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You’ll want to know what GOOP is.

If you’re in your teens or even 20’s you may have been waiting for me to hit a on popular celebrity who is a blogger. That way you can get the latest scoop on an upcoming tour, who their in a relationship with and where they partied last night and with whom. Unfortunately, you may be disappointed. But if you’re closer to your 40’s than your 20’s

(as I) and you still dig celebs who can actually sing and/or act…and aren’t just a beautiful face,  then you’ll be interested in Ms. Paltrow’s blog Goop. I still have yet to know what Goop means, but I like its message. Ms. Paltrow like many of us is attached with children.  But she still has other interests, and asks the relevant questions and provides equally relevant suggestions that need contemplation for a good life. She has efficiently categorized her blog topics into the following: “Make”; “Go”; “Get”; “Do”; “Be”; and “See”.  Some topic subjects are accompanied by video, and others are accompanied by Ms. Paltrow’s preface, and expanded upon by other celebrities whether they be singers, activists, or health leaders etc… While Ms. Paltrow’s blog is not heavy on visual stimulation (which actually may be the reason for the sites calming effect-and her color choices) and posting frequently(about once per week), it still is very appealing. Why? Because it gives you ideas on having a good life in many different areas of life. She also provides a feature where you can subscribe to her “newsletter” (really a “post” in disguise) to keep abreast of her current musings. Isn’t that really what we want, ideas for a good life sent directly to our e-mail?

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