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Oh, Mrs. O…That Look is Fabulous on You

Mrs. O blog image: Photo by Charles Dharapak / AP ImagesI love fashion. I love first ladies. With the recent release of the Jackie O. recordings it got me thinking again about fashion and first ladies. Now I can admit that not all first ladies are fashionable. Therefore, they all don’t deserve fashion blogs and/or books dedicated to their style. I also have to admit that for my taste, I’ve never been alive during a presidency in which I truly observed the first lady to be fashionable. I’ve done two things with the latter statement: 1) dated myself, and 2) excluded princesses (Diana) to be exact. Now regardless of your political views we have another real fashionable first lady. Luckily for people like me, Mary Tomer Byun, or “Mrs. T” saw early on what many of us would want… a chronicle of Mrs. Obama’s style in a blog called Mrs. O. An online picture book of sorts. What I love the most is how up-to-date all the images are. We don’t just get to see Mrs. Obama’s fashion sense during formal appearances or occasions but also at the local Target store. Because, she like us has to get some necessities. If you like style attached to a first lady I suggest Mrs. O. There’s no better way to see how one of the most influential women in the world dresses from day to day.


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Lingerie can Make any Woman (and Man) Feel Better

The Lingerie AddictI’ve never really seen anything like it. I love lingerie and I know men do too. But this information is really for women. There is a place, a comprehensive place, that is full of information and pictures about lingerie. This may not seem like a big deal, but the amount of information is a big deal. This is why Traecle, the blogstress, really can call herself The Lingerie Addict. In addition, The Lingerie Addict has a Tumblr site with some very beautiful images, like the one above, and some provocative ones too. If you want you eyes open to the world of lingerie it’s best you go to an addict, The Lingerie Addict.


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Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Chic

Eat Dink Chic blog imageI’m not really one to troll the blogosphere for things to buy. Don’t get me wrong, I like purchasing beautiful things. But I also like making them, staring at them, and eating them (a beautiful cupcake or cookie that is). I get to do all of these wonderful things, and so will you, when you visit Eat Drink Chic. This is delightful blog by Amy Moss a Graphic Designer turned professional blogger. This blog is a combination of DIY, art, furniture, fashion, food, stationary &c. If you’re looking for beautiful, stylish things to buy, look at, eat or do..then Eat Drink Chic is one of the best places to stop.

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Oh No She Didn’t…

image from Fashion, BitchesThey don’t make enough adult picture books. In fact, why is it assumed that once you’re past the age of 6 your visual acuity heads for the hills never to return. I’m all about imagination, but lay it out for me sometimes-especially when it comes to my fashion. Advertisements be damned-just show me the goods without the copy. If you think like me you’re in luck and you’ll appreciate the art of blogging even more.  Because this blog is about Fashion, Bitches! Really this is what the blog is called. It is simply a picture book of fashion-Haute Couture, street style, hair, makeup, and style trend setters past and present with a little miscellaneous thrown in for good measure. The blogstress, Lauren has truly made this her own. Clearly, her blog’s vision has transformed and matured as time has gone on (which most blogs do). I have to tell you I spend inordinate amounts of time looking through the images (and hearting them). If you love fashion and inspiration as much as I do, you’ll spend lots of time on this site too. Because when it gets right down to it, it is…it’s just Fashion, Bitches!

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It’s Summer. Let’s Take an Escapade

Interior design blogs, just like fashion blogs perplex me. Where do they find all of these good images all the time? But a great interior design blog has more than good images. It has a flare, a style of its own only best expressed through an interesting blogger. Therefore, it may not be fair to call Escapade simply an interior design blog, because it hits, fashion, DIY ideas, and Esty finds all done in a stylish way. Clearly Sharalee Mushore, the blogger,

Escapade Blog Imagehas more interests and points of view she has to express. Express she does, in an interesting way. I’ve spent hours at a time on this blog getting inspired and motivated. This leads me to the best part, Ms. Mushore’s Inspiration for the week. They are good thoughtful quotes that propel the dullest of spirits upward. Here is my favorite. If you want to be inspired visually and emotionally I think it best to take an Escapade. It is only during these times that our thoughts and dreams collide turning into action.

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Fabulous Hit the Blogosphere through the Mrs

A picture is worth a thousand words, especially if it has a point of view and is styled right. So the picture at left should tell you a bit about the blog Mrs. Lilien- Styling House, and the blogger Mrs. Kelley Lilien. By trade this Mrs. Lilien is a graphic artist and prop stylist (i.e. the image at right). By night, she injects the blog community with style and flair, through her witty post prose, and her colorful, energetic, sense of style and flare. Who knew mojitos went best with a Elizabeth and James Kimono Maxi dress? You didn’t, nor did I, but we can learn. Let us never forget about the 7 success driven persuasions in our life lifetime (number 2 being above). Most people pretend to be glamorous. Some people are glamorous and never share the wealth. Few people are glamorous and let us in on how-to be too. If you’re interested in the latter, I suggest a visit to Mrs. Lilien- Styling House.

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Simple Sunday: You Really Can be Yourself and Entertaining in a Blog

I’m about to tell you why this Chick Named Hermia is throughly entertaining

Chick Named Hermia

Blog image from A Chick Named Hermia

Since we keep it simple here at The Blog Revue on Sundays, I’ll give you a brief run down as to why you should read A Chick Named Hermia. She’s funny, sarcastic, blunt, amusing & so obviously herself. Her blog is like reading a comedic (albeit) wacky screen play at times, a really great short story at others, or a secret diary on occasion. The content is here, there, and sometimes everywhere but you won’t mind a bit. Most importantly, the blog is unique & so is A Chick Named Hermia. Cookie-cutter was so 2005…welcome to now.

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