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I KWID You Not: Kelly Wearstler’s My Vibe My Life

Kelly Wearstler of My Vibe My Life Blog {Blog Image} I used to be fascinated with “celebrity” until I decided my time was much more valuable than reading about famous people going to the supermarket, or discussing their personal lives….again. But, there are some things that I never get tired of. I’m enthralled with the work of people, and learning about how they see what they do and what motivates them in their work. That I have tolerance for, whether they are known or unknown to the world. I have some interior design interest, as do many of you. Although I don’t have enough interest to actually do it. Anyway you may have heard of KWID or Kelly Wearstler Interior Design, or you may have seen Ms. Wearstler on some Bravo channel design show (at least I think it’s Bravo). In the world of interiors, she is a very well known designer. If you know of her even more than that, she definitively has her own obviously unique style and vibe-which I really like about her. Which might be the reason why her blog is called My Vibe My Life. It’s Ms. Wearstler, her life, style, and work-with big fat glossy pictures. The text is minimal but the pictures are plentiful and say a lot about her world. Take a look! It’s always interesting to feel someone else’s Vibe and peek into their life.


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An Aesthete’s Lament

Learning Personal Panache from the People who have or had it.

The Aesthete Lament
The Aesthete’s Lament: Dolores (left) and Gloria Guinness (right)

It is so very easy to want to be and live like others. It seems that it starts in middle school and transverse our upper school years straight through adulthood. However, the ones we so want to emulate, the ones whose lives, looks and breeding we desire have something we refuse to duplicate, because it cannot be. Individuality. An Aesthete’s Lament is a testament, a how-to, and nudge to creating a life uniquely designed and authenticated by…you. The premise is clear, never seek to duplicate what is on its pages but use the muse (whether a person, concept, or thing) to innovate your life…all portions of it. You are the creator, not the copier. But you must have the mindset for such, as so eloquently put by the Lamentor. Therefore, if you possess this all too rare knowing I suggest you get very uniquely inspired and acquainted with the people and places shown by An Aesthete’s Lament.

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What is James Wearing?

What is James Wearing? Only the most stylish clothes to go to the most stylish places.

James Andrew at the Frick collection

What is James Wearing? James Andrew at the Frick Collection

I want to tell you a story. It is about a blog about a man named James Andrew.  His life is about style. He and his friends create style. He goes to stylish places. He dresses stylishly…oh so stylishly…which makes you ask, What is James Wearing, today? However, it would be simplistic for me to describe Mr. Andrew is just an interior designer with a blog focused on what he is wearing on any given day. In fact, he and the blog are more than that. Clearly he is a fashionisto (notice the masculine ending “o” as oppose to the letter “a” for fashionista), hence the title of his blog. However, his posts (and his About section) illuminate  his love for life in general, the city in which he lives, the profession in which he works, the creativity of friends, and just beautiful objects in general. The title of the blog is extremely misleading in that the blog itself has so much more depth and interest to it. Mr. Andrew is a fun man to follow. So while it may seem that knowing what James is wearing is trival…trust me it is not.

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All the Best: A Passport to Stylish Living

Style, Style, Style. Did I say, “Style.”

All the Best: A Passport to Stylish Living

All the Best: A Passport to Stylish Living, blog header image

I am always amazed how some bloggers are so in the “know.” They get all the great interviews, read all the great books, have all the great images, get invited to all the great parties and create all the great collaborations. All The Best is the crème de la crème of the above. It is the interior design blog with the most in the “know” blogstress you’ll encounter, Ms. Ronda Carman. The blog itself is visually pleasing.  Her images…well, her images… make you want to change your world to live in Ms. Carman’s. One of the most wonderful things about her blog, are the great interviews she posts with taste makers and interior designers who set the standard on some of the best interiors you’ll ever see. While I struggled as to whether I should put one of the many beautiful pictures she posts in this Revue I declined for two reasons. First, I simply love her blog’s header design. Second, it is my hope that my description of this blog will entice you to get your passport and visit All the Best.


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The Peak of Chic

Where yesterday meets today in the most stylish of ways

The Peak of Chic blog image
The Peak of Chic blog image

Living well, is an art. And not many people can innately do it, let alone do it really well. Often times it takes, study, advice, and observation. Luckily all of these things are inherent in one blog called The Peak of Chic. While it’s easy to think trends, sophistication, and style is a modern invention, Ms. Jennifer Boles, the blogstress, smartly knows that it is not. Modern chic(ness) has a past…a foundation, one that should be studied, emulated and then rightly juxtaposed against our modern-day elegance and aesthetic. The other thing that is so appealing about Ms. Boles’ blog is that it is not singularly focused on one genre. Rather, the blog hits all areas of chic(dom) from entertaining, interiors, books, people, art, and jewelry, fabric…&c. With all of these different topics it would be easy for The Peak of Chic to lack continuity of purpose and aesthetic, but it does not. Ms. Boles purposeful narrative is consistent no matter the subject matter. Now, given all that I have said, you should take a peak at The Peak of Chic.

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Ada and Darcy

Romance is not Only in the Movies

Ada & Darcy blog header

Ada & Darcy blog header

I’m not sure but maybe I am searching for an ethereal quality to my life and added romance. Not in a traditional sense from a mate (spouse/companion for you Aussies), but from life itself. Well, God hearing my cry, I am sure , brought me to Ada & Darcy. Ada & Darcy a site devoted to “fabulous interiors, styling & all things lovely,” as described by the blogess Kellie Collis of Australia.

Ada & Darcy blog image

Ada & Darcy blog image

But I think her description is too simplistic…true, but simplistic. Ms. Collis’ site is much more than that. The only description I have for it is…ethereal and romantic. The inspirational interiors (of which this site provides the most of), events and clothing all encompass that underlying theme. I do not know if this was conscious on Ms. Collis’ part…but it is lovely. The site’s pictures whisk you away to the life and times of a Henry James novel set in 2009 ironically. Because of the sites romantic undercurrent it is calming and dreamy. I also really enjoy Ms. Collis’ post commentary because it is quick, simple, light and kind. To be inspired in a calm , kind and lovely way is rare at times now days. Therefore, I suggest you visit Ada & Darcy often.


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