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Simple Advice for a Simple Sunday: Stop Saying You’re Old Already

 Do you know that the most used word in the English language is “I”. I’m sure I’ve used it more than its fair share here. Do you know what “I” think is the most popular phrase in the English language? “I’m getting old.” Actually, what’s getting old is people above the age of 55 (even 60) saying their getting old. We live in a culture where we are living longer and better than former generations. Yet persons, many persons, of a certain mindset feel the need to proclaim that they are getting old. Seriously? You’re OLD at 38, 40, 45, 50, 55? While the response may be, well I am getting older each year numerically, that’s not the implied meaning when you say “I’m getting old.” It’s implication is that you can’t do what you used to be able to do when you were younger, in your 20s. What may that have been? Eating too much crap and washing it down with too much alcohol, but still being able to get up the next morning relatively skinny and less the worse for wear?  I would venture to say that you have more capability, intelligence, knowledge, guts, individuality and common sense than you did when you weren’t old. But in our culture we fail to give credence to such things, instead opting for the popular sound bite of “I’m getting old.” But you know what, I guess you’re right. You are old in the important ways…in spirit and mindset. But please, don’t tell me how old you are there’s no need. All I have to do is listen to you for about 5 minutes to know the obvious.



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Simple Sunday: You Really Can be Yourself and Entertaining in a Blog

I’m about to tell you why this Chick Named Hermia is throughly entertaining

Chick Named Hermia

Blog image from A Chick Named Hermia

Since we keep it simple here at The Blog Revue on Sundays, I’ll give you a brief run down as to why you should read A Chick Named Hermia. She’s funny, sarcastic, blunt, amusing & so obviously herself. Her blog is like reading a comedic (albeit) wacky screen play at times, a really great short story at others, or a secret diary on occasion. The content is here, there, and sometimes everywhere but you won’t mind a bit. Most importantly, the blog is unique & so is A Chick Named Hermia. Cookie-cutter was so 2005…welcome to now.

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Simple Advice for a Simple Sunday: Just Start Loving Yourself Already


 Instead of Trying to look like those women why don’t you try to be like these women. Or better yet, try being and loving yourself.

plus size models unite

Blog Image from Plus Size Models Unite

The rule at Blog Revue on Sundays is keep it simple. So, here it comes. “Eat when you’re hungry.”  “Stop when you’re full.”  “Drink when you’re thirsty (you can decide what that may be).  “Sleep when you’re tired.”  And for God’s sake (literally) “Start loving (or you can start with “like” if you want) yourself! Life is way to short and painstaking if you don’t.” If you need some inspiration then, bookmark, blogroll, e-mail, Digg it, or Share it,  Plus Size Models Unite, the brain child of Angela and Elizabeth. This blog is a plethora of interviews with gorgeous real looking women…with…self esteem! Who knew? What is also fantastic about this blog is its interviews and focus on real looking women who are not models. You know, like all the women you actually know in your everyday life, and see in the mirror. Plus Size Models Unite is a God send. Don’t you dare ignore what God sends you.

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Ever Ours (Blog Revue’s Simple Sunday Post)

Wedded Bliss

Ever Ours blog image
Ever Ours blog image

Nothing should be complicated on Sunday, absolutely nothing. Ever Ours is the first in The Blog Revue’s Simple Sunday. A Simple revue about a simple, yet stand out blog. Ever Ours is a real simple treat in that it provides some of the best wedding photography of real couples I have seen in the blogosphere. The romanticism of this blog knows no bounds. Since it is after all, almost Spring and the true start to the wedding season you will not regret giving Ever Ours a shot. If you’re not getting married but you know of someone who is, don’t forget to share the blog with the engaged.

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