Monday’s Stinking Thinking

My dog Henri at my wedding. Image by Meg Adkinsson

This post is a reprint from FaVorable Food.

“If you don’t think every day is a good day, just try missing one.” -Cavett Robert

I have many people who read this blog from all over the world. Thank you by the way!!! I don’t know about other countries, but I do know about mine, America. The prevailing attitude of American’s is that they hate Mondays. I can only assume that people believe they hate Mondays because it’s the start of the work week, and for most the start of the onslaught of unpleasant responsibilities.

I used to hate Mondays too. Here are some reasons I did, that you may relate to…

1.  I hated my job, when I was employed by someone;

2.  I hated my business when it was slow;

3.  I hated the fact that I would face bills that needed to be paid whether I could pay them or not;

4.  I hated that I wasn’t trying to live out my dreams, and Monday was a reminder of that;

5.  I hated that I didn’t act or feel courageous (see immediately #4);

6.  I hated that Monday reminded me how seemingly uninteresting and boring my life was; and

7.  With Monday came worries about…oh I don’t know, EVERYTHING.

Slowly, I started to realize that it’s not healthy to live in all that hate. Because I was letting all that out into the world it was getting fed back to me, and then some. I also realized that I could control all the things that I hated, and much of it started with an attitude change. I had control over a lot more than I was giving myself credit for. Most important, I could realize that everyday was a good day by missing one (via death’s messenger-no thanks). Or I could have a day and just decide it was going to be good by virtue of its existence.

I often think, our Monday morning stinking thinking comes from our disappointment in our selves and consumption with worry. When we compare our lives, and who we are with others it doesn’t motivate us. Rather, it erodes us. When we worry we cease to come up with the answers that can come if we just calm down.

Do you know that humans are the only animal on the face of the earth that worries and is disappointed in itself? And we’re the advanced species?

Not so surprisingly, at least to me anymore, I’ve learned a great deal from Henri about how to live. He’s always happy or he’s content. I never see him worrying about whether he’ll be fed by me, because he knows he’ll be fed by me. If given an opportunity to have fun, he’ll take it. He’s a dog. He doesn’t try to be anything else than a dog. He doesn’t compare himself to other dogs. He probably likes being a dog.

What’s the key to being like a dog? I can only say that if, you believe you’re a dog start acting like one (you know what I mean). Stop trying to compare yourself to the Lhasa Apso down the street. He’s not thinking about you anyway. He’s thinking about himself. Be excited to be alive. You’ve been given a day, another chance to act like a dog. Take it! For the love of God, stop worrying. You can. I know you can. Have some faith that you’re the dog you think you are!


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Friday…Finally, Just Let Go Already!

DIY bike basket from ModCloth Blog

It’s Friday. I’ve decided no matter how much the week may have handed me its challenges, bumps and serious bruises (and it did), I’m still going to yell “Friday…Finally!” as if it were a whopping success. This way I can go into the weekend, energized and carefree.

You see when the week “sucked” and we get to Friday we have a tendency to be exhausted. Then Saturday comes, with delight mind you, but also with an impending dread that Sunday will be here shortly. We all know that Sunday is just a short kick in the…butt, to Monday. But, if you’re excited at your Friday, you can let go of the underlying dread that colors your weekend, because you won’t be predisposed to assuming a terrible, troublesome week ahead. And really, isn’t it better to feel good as much as possible?

Remember Mary Poppins (who was practically perfect in every way)? She sung, “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights.” She was singing that to bring joy and forgetfulness of their reality to the charges. Not many of us have kites anymore. So instead why don’t you go fly a bike. Peddle so hard this weekend that you believe you’ll leave the ground. No body (literally “body”) can carry angst on a bike. And if for some reason you’re still negative and hate your bike, then paint your bike, or make the cute little bike basket liner above (the instructions from ModCloth blog are here).

But for the love of all that is good, do something to Just Let Go Already!

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In a Word She’s Blunt

Blunt DeliveryShe was good at her job and recognized for it, but she was fired. She hated English, but she became a writer. She’s a tad depressing, but funny, and she doesn’t hold back. Who am I talking about? The blogstress who pins Blunt Delivery. I would try to explain this witty conglomerate of blogging life stories, but why ruin it. Blunt Delivery really must be visited to be read. You won’t be disappointed. In the process you may just turn blunt, or more blunt than you already are.

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I don’t know about whether you’re a; 1) Happy Friday!! or a “Thank God It’s Friday”. Either way enjoy the fact that it is. You still have Saturday and Sunday (and for you American readers Monday), to relax, regroup, re-energize, and remember how great you really are.

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Lingerie can Make any Woman (and Man) Feel Better

The Lingerie AddictI’ve never really seen anything like it. I love lingerie and I know men do too. But this information is really for women. There is a place, a comprehensive place, that is full of information and pictures about lingerie. This may not seem like a big deal, but the amount of information is a big deal. This is why Traecle, the blogstress, really can call herself The Lingerie Addict. In addition, The Lingerie Addict has a Tumblr site with some very beautiful images, like the one above, and some provocative ones too. If you want you eyes open to the world of lingerie it’s best you go to an addict, The Lingerie Addict.


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Post of the Day: One Man’s Way to Harden His Kids to the “American Dream”

Image from You Monsters are PeopleIf you blog on WordPress you may know of Freshly Pressed. If you’re not on WordPress than in a nutshell, Freshly Pressed highlights particular WordPress bloggers posts. Rarely, do I re-post about a Freshly Pressed blog or blog posting. However, this post from Matt Posky called Ghost Dogs and the new American Dream is one not to be missed. This is a comical and demented commentary on how to raise a superior child in a post American Dream world. It had me and my husband laughing out loud as I read it. Does this post have the slightest bit of optimism, you may ask. Well, no. But it’s Monday, most American workers are pessimist this day anyway.


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Friday ...Finally 1

Depending on how your week went you’re shouting inside either; ” What a week. Thank GOD it’s Friday!” or “What a great week! And now it’s Friday!” Which ever it may be, good conversation, no stress and a drink are in order this evening. Let it loose. Let it go. And open yourself to a good Saturday and Sunday by:

-Making a dinner a king would love

-Escape to a movie that makes you feel good and dream

-Have some friends or neighbors over

-Finish up that book you’ve been reading, uninterrupted

-Ride your bike where ever it may take you

But for God’s sake and your spirit’s too, don’t think about what real or imaginary thing ails you. Just simply enjoy life.

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