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Lingerie can Make any Woman (and Man) Feel Better

The Lingerie AddictI’ve never really seen anything like it. I love lingerie and I know men do too. But this information is really for women. There is a place, a comprehensive place, that is full of information and pictures about lingerie. This may not seem like a big deal, but the amount of information is a big deal. This is why Traecle, the blogstress, really can call herself The Lingerie Addict. In addition, The Lingerie Addict has a Tumblr site with some very beautiful images, like the one above, and some provocative ones too. If you want you eyes open to the world of lingerie it’s best you go to an addict, The Lingerie Addict.



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Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Chic

Eat Dink Chic blog imageI’m not really one to troll the blogosphere for things to buy. Don’t get me wrong, I like purchasing beautiful things. But I also like making them, staring at them, and eating them (a beautiful cupcake or cookie that is). I get to do all of these wonderful things, and so will you, when you visit Eat Drink Chic. This is delightful blog by Amy Moss a Graphic Designer turned professional blogger. This blog is a combination of DIY, art, furniture, fashion, food, stationary &c. If you’re looking for beautiful, stylish things to buy, look at, eat or do..then Eat Drink Chic is one of the best places to stop.

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It’s Summer. Let’s Take an Escapade

Interior design blogs, just like fashion blogs perplex me. Where do they find all of these good images all the time? But a great interior design blog has more than good images. It has a flare, a style of its own only best expressed through an interesting blogger. Therefore, it may not be fair to call Escapade simply an interior design blog, because it hits, fashion, DIY ideas, and Esty finds all done in a stylish way. Clearly Sharalee Mushore, the blogger,

Escapade Blog Imagehas more interests and points of view she has to express. Express she does, in an interesting way. I’ve spent hours at a time on this blog getting inspired and motivated. This leads me to the best part, Ms. Mushore’s Inspiration for the week. They are good thoughtful quotes that propel the dullest of spirits upward. Here is my favorite. If you want to be inspired visually and emotionally I think it best to take an Escapade. It is only during these times that our thoughts and dreams collide turning into action.

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Where blogging and a regular gal with fashion sense and style meet

The blogstress Catie Nienaber: wearing vintage YSL Rive Gauche (Jacket); Banana Republic (pants): Monolo Blahnik (shoes)

Blogs are the new glossies (“magazines” for you style challenged). I keep saying this. And their presentation and content prove me right (or the person who originally coined this idea). But I’m longing for old school blogs again.  Witty writers willing to share the intersection of their passion and life, sans millionaire blogging goals. While some of you may be thinking, “Not interested,” you should be. Cuffington is one of those blogs. The blogstress Catie Nienaber is a delight to read. She is a witty writer and her use of street slang is an unexpected, content related, nice surprise. Her real strength is her passion for fashion, but not in that obvious regurgitate glossy editorial pictures or fashion show frames way (although a few blogs do really well with that). Rather, she takes fashion and styles it (very well) on herself, in her own way, which fits into her own life (sans stylist…hello…ahh…every celebrity). But like all good blogs she’s more than that. She has that je ne sais quoi (“I know not what“) that mandates a revue, by you, of Cuffington.

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Frou Frou Fashionista


Here is the Lingerie Standard…and no it’s not Vicky’s

Frou Frou Fashionista blog image
Frou Frou Fashionista blog image

As women, a great emphasis is placed on our physical appears, either by the media or by our individual selves. Quit often, we delay feelings of confidence and happiness until the mythical physic is attained. As I get older I know that as women our focus should shift from insecurity to feeling good. Once we make the decision to feel good and indulge with what makes us so, the externals follow naturally. I know there is no surer way to feel good than with sexy, beautiful lingerie and Frou Frou Fashionista is in full supply of this feel good tonic. Lingerie is the topic all the time as addressed by the blogstress Allison (who also owns, what else, a lingerie store with her mother called Faire Frou Frou). While the commentary regarding the posts could be more informative, and more links to the actual lingerie designer’s sites could be more plentiful, I still really like this blog. Firstly, because it provides a visual education as to the plethora of options available to women. Secondly, Allison’s blog has provided me with the names of lingerie designers and brands, I have to admit, I never knew existed.  Thirdly, she show cases lingerie on model thin women (we’re used to that) and normal sized women (that we’re not used to). Finally, she has taken an important fashion necessity and put it out in the open where it should be, for the masses. Lingerie is not a dirty word (although taking a look at some of the women in my club locker room you’d think it was), it’s the hidden expression of femininity and sexuality (that’s not a bad word either ladies) that creates the outward expression confidence.   


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A Chichi Life


Chichi: That is what this blog is

I don’t know about you, but I never heard of, nor did I know what the word chichi meant,  until I ran into this

A Chichi Life blog image
A Chichi Life blog image

fantastically smart and chichi blog (you’ll have to go to the blog to find out what chichi means), called A Chichi Life. This blog has some of the best Haute Couture pictures I’ve seen (click on the image and it get’s bigger and lovelier), but that is not the smart part. The blogstress, Tawney, has an extraordinary artistic, historical, and cinematic grasp which she uses as a comparison with the fashion before out eyes. Take the A Chichi Life blog image used in this post. The similarities between the Degas sculpture and the Giles Spring 2010 dress are uncanny. Does she have the direct line to the designer to ask what the inspiration was for the collection, or is she just that smart? I’m banking on smart. In some of Tawney’s post we get a brief (and not boring) fashion history lesson (see the similar styles between the Gossip Girl’s fashionable tights and Louis XIV’s-even my husband found the similarities amusing). While A Chichi Life is a new blog (since June 2009) and posting could be more frequent ( I only say that because it’s worth looking at everyday), it’s worth perusing because it’s simply chichi.

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A Life More Fabulous


Need Ideas for Actually Living a More Serene Sophisticated Fabulous Life. Stop Here.

A Life More Fabulous blog image

A Life More Fabulous blog image

 I am not exactly sure how to describe A life More Fabulous in words. It would be simplistic to describe it as a an inspirational blog in the genre of fashion, residential interiors &c. It is much, much, more than that. Therefore, I think it best to describe to you the feeling I get when I read it: Calmness, Serenity, Longing, Hopefulness, Thankfulness and most importantly Possibility. The blogstress has a way of providing narration that conjures the readers’ imagination and ability to live the way in which she describes. You only have to read a Life More Fabulous’ weekend entries to say: “Yes, that is what I am going to do this weekend.” There is no impossibility in the suggestion at all, it’s all do-able. The narration is perfection. It induces action on a cerebral and physical level. My only question is: “Did the blogstress work on Madison Avenue?” Her narration is that perfect. The site’s photography only works to enhance the narrative. The blogstress’ powers of observation regarding something as simple, and often overlooked, as the beauty and energy of fall is captivating. But be clear, my intention is not to mislead you in believing that any selling, in the traditional sense,  is going on here in this blog. Rather, what is being offered is all the emotion that I mentioned above. Which I believe can only lead to A Life More Fabulous.


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