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All the Best: A Passport to Stylish Living


Style, Style, Style. Did I say, “Style.”

All the Best: A Passport to Stylish Living

All the Best: A Passport to Stylish Living, blog header image

I am always amazed how some bloggers are so in the “know.” They get all the great interviews, read all the great books, have all the great images, get invited to all the great parties and create all the great collaborations. All The Best is the crème de la crème of the above. It is the interior design blog with the most in the “know” blogstress you’ll encounter, Ms. Ronda Carman. The blog itself is visually pleasing.  Her images…well, her images… make you want to change your world to live in Ms. Carman’s. One of the most wonderful things about her blog, are the great interviews she posts with taste makers and interior designers who set the standard on some of the best interiors you’ll ever see. While I struggled as to whether I should put one of the many beautiful pictures she posts in this Revue I declined for two reasons. First, I simply love her blog’s header design. Second, it is my hope that my description of this blog will entice you to get your passport and visit All the Best.



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A Life More Fabulous


Need Ideas for Actually Living a More Serene Sophisticated Fabulous Life. Stop Here.

A Life More Fabulous blog image

A Life More Fabulous blog image

 I am not exactly sure how to describe A life More Fabulous in words. It would be simplistic to describe it as a an inspirational blog in the genre of fashion, residential interiors &c. It is much, much, more than that. Therefore, I think it best to describe to you the feeling I get when I read it: Calmness, Serenity, Longing, Hopefulness, Thankfulness and most importantly Possibility. The blogstress has a way of providing narration that conjures the readers’ imagination and ability to live the way in which she describes. You only have to read a Life More Fabulous’ weekend entries to say: “Yes, that is what I am going to do this weekend.” There is no impossibility in the suggestion at all, it’s all do-able. The narration is perfection. It induces action on a cerebral and physical level. My only question is: “Did the blogstress work on Madison Avenue?” Her narration is that perfect. The site’s photography only works to enhance the narrative. The blogstress’ powers of observation regarding something as simple, and often overlooked, as the beauty and energy of fall is captivating. But be clear, my intention is not to mislead you in believing that any selling, in the traditional sense,  is going on here in this blog. Rather, what is being offered is all the emotion that I mentioned above. Which I believe can only lead to A Life More Fabulous.


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Pure Style Home


The Cerebral Part of  Interior design

Pure Style Home Blog Image

Pure Style Home Blog Image

Over the weekend I had what I call inner pandemonium. It is where I am calm & cool on the outside but inside I’m inpatient, frustrated and overall dissatisfied. What, you may ask ,was causing my inner pandemonium? My house. It’s a 1950’s do that needs some serious interior aesthetic appeal. However, as is my normal course of anything design related be it interior or landscape, I always research the [insert word] out of it before I make a move (which leads me to making no moves at all, unfortunately). So I have found a site that feeds into my need for interior design information (not procrastination…just information), not just in pictures but design concepts and history thus giving me the potential for a Pure Style Home.

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