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Steve Jobs-a Lesson on How to Use a Life

I  need to preface this post by saying I’m not here to get on the morbid ban wagon, or to increase my viewership by posting about the subject de jour. In fact, I don’t own a Mac, an IPhone or an IPad…but I do have IPod. However I, as most people, often get contemplative when someone whom has forged a great presence in the world dies. When this occurs (as is often the case but its only in some cases that we really sit up and take notice) I’m reminded of two things. First, we all have the ability to consciously be like a Steve Jobs, leaving a positive massive worldly, city wide, or familial footprint. However, very few of us will actively choose to do so. Secondly, times like these remind me of the inevitable. We will all die. For most we don’t ever want to think about that. It’s just too awful to contemplate. So we walk around day after day, week after week, assuming we have all the time in the world. Never really coming to grips with the fact that we don’t have all the time in the world. For others, the fact of death is an impetus to action and relaxation. These people move because they know their time is limited. These people relax because they know that every ‘thing’ is transitory as is every ‘body.’ There are great life lessons being said by great living people, famous and not famous. Unfortunately, it’s not until they die that we often listen. So here are some of Steve Jobs’s great life lessons learned from the mountains and valleys of his own life. Mr. Jobs has died. But maybe now we’ll start to listen to him a little more closely, and take what he has to say to heart. Here is his complete Stanford Commencement Address from 2005. Continue reading


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