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Friday…Finally, Just Let Go Already!

DIY bike basket from ModCloth Blog

It’s Friday. I’ve decided no matter how much the week may have handed me its challenges, bumps and serious bruises (and it did), I’m still going to yell “Friday…Finally!” as if it were a whopping success. This way I can go into the weekend, energized and carefree.

You see when the week “sucked” and we get to Friday we have a tendency to be exhausted. Then Saturday comes, with delight mind you, but also with an impending dread that Sunday will be here shortly. We all know that Sunday is just a short kick in the…butt, to Monday. But, if you’re excited at your Friday, you can let go of the underlying dread that colors your weekend, because you won’t be predisposed to assuming a terrible, troublesome week ahead. And really, isn’t it better to feel good as much as possible?

Remember Mary Poppins (who was practically perfect in every way)? She sung, “Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights.” She was singing that to bring joy and¬†forgetfulness of their reality¬†to the charges. Not many of us have kites anymore. So instead why don’t you go fly a bike. Peddle so hard this weekend that you believe you’ll leave the ground. No body (literally “body”) can carry angst on a bike. And if for some reason you’re still negative and hate your bike, then paint your bike, or make the cute little bike basket liner above (the instructions from ModCloth blog are here).

But for the love of all that is good, do something to Just Let Go Already!


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