The 2010-2011 Blog of the Year Winner!!!


Congratulations to Deeba and her Blog: Passionate About Baking!

Deeba is the Blog of the Year 2010-2011 Winner!!!!!

Good work should be recognized. I am extremely happy to recognize Deeba’s work as were the voters. Let’s not forget about Tinky of My Grandmother’s Kitchen who put up a valiant effort.  Until next year folks. Keep blogging. Make sure to visit Passionate about Baking!

click here to go to The Blog of the Year: Passionate about Baking

The Blog Revue hopes you enjoy an added Christmas gift this year below.

Blog of the Year 2010-2011 prize



43 responses to “The 2010-2011 Blog of the Year Winner!!!

  1. Alice Grevet

    I love Tinky’s blog!! Good food, good humor, and good feeling, every time!

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  3. Cara Hochhalter

    Yes, Tinky’s blog is visually delicious…and deliciously visual!

  4. Susan Purdy

    I’ve made any number of Tinky’s recipes, always to the delight of my friends and family; tomorrow, I’m doing the roasted brussel sprouts. Go, Tinky!

  5. Susan Purdy

    I’m pleased to vote for Tinky’s blog which has had many wonderful recipes which have pleased both family and friends. Tomorrow I’m trying her roasted brussel sprouts. Go, Tinky!

  6. Everybody needs a passion in life, and Tinky’s found hers creating palate tickling delights. What better way to get one’s message (and recipes) out to the world than through a blog. Great exposure Tinky. Keep on keepin’ on!

  7. A great blog from a writer who does a great service to the culinary world!

  8. Pam Smith

    Tinky’s blog is the absolute best!! No contest!!!!

  9. Deeba makes such amazing cakes in extremely challenging (read: hot) conditions and her photographs are a marvel, I hope she wins!

  10. Deeba’s blog anytime…love her foodography and tried-tested-never fail recipes.
    No Contest!!!

  11. natasha

    Oh Deeba Deeba Deeba all the way!!No fail recipes with beautiful photographs, lovely food styling and her stories sing to you….they call out loud….get in that kitchen, cook, bake, follow your passion, just do it and be happy!!!!

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  13. Deeba’s blog anytime. Her blog is not just ‘A Baker’s Bible’, but there is so much more to it.

  14. char

    Its DEEBAA!!!!
    I started blogging..or more of lurking this year…and deebas blog i follow like religion love her pics, love her stories…love the way she makes thins sound so simple..
    It HAS to be HER!!!

  15. Tinky’s blog is so fun. She has recipes, stories, and takes us back in history too. I just LOVE her blog so much. I always share it on Facebook and on Twitter so more people can become her fan. Did you know she’s a singer too?

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  17. Go Tinky!! I love her blog–she is always so nice and fun!!! Good food too that I feel that I can make.

  18. I’m sure it’s going to be Deeba….love her bakes & no words to describe her stunning food photos…..

  19. Deeba’s blog is breathtaking with her snaps and tales. I cannot take my eyes off her pictures.

  20. PASSIONATE ABOUT BAKING and DEEBA!!!! Love her recipes, her way of doing stunning, scrumptious bakes and with stuff available in India, which makes it all the more commendable. Browsing PAB is something I do very religiously almost everyday. Deeba truly inspires!!!

    Wish PAB all the very best. Three Cheers!!!

  21. Deeba gets our vote too 🙂

  22. gajra

    Deeba’s blog hands down because she has done much , made so many with such little resourses and still managed to present punch after punch of the most fantastic and visually mindblowing blog. she innovates, has a never say die attitude and her recipes work !!! she’s a winner thru an’ thru.

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  24. Deeba… Deeba…..Deeba…..
    The most trusted recipes coming from such a warm n generous person….. Just has to be her….

    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts – Nachiketa
    Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

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  26. Ruhi

    My pick will be Deeba’s blog ANYTIME! Everything is brilliantly researched, supported with fabulous pictures and invaluable nuggets of information. She represents the down home charm of an everyday home cook, who has taken creativity in the kitchen to the most amazing heights! She is creative, enterprising, fearlessly improvises and will not let anything come in the way of her quest for culinary excellence. She truly deserves to win for PAB – Blog of the Year!

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  28. Deeba! Whenever you see her blog you feel like you have entered fantasy land – her clicks are incredibly beautiful, yet her recipes are easy and do-able.

  29. Ruthie

    Its Deeba for me as well…her website is so well presented with such awesome pics. The recipes are amazing…her passion for baking/cooking can be seen in her very meticulous posts and pics. Kudos to such good work and wish her all the best. I hope she wins 🙂

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  31. Oh, Deeba, hands down. She is one of the most talented bakers out there and her blog is mezmerizing in its beauty.

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  33. Thank you Danielle, and thank you all you wonderful folk who voted for me & Tinky too. It’s been wonderful being here. I won THAT??? WOW!! Taking a BOW!! Merci!!

  34. Congratulations, Deeba! It was fun being your colleague…..

    • Danielle Shelton

      Tinky: you and your loyal fans put up a great effort. Don’t count yourself out. There is always next year!!!


  35. This surely is a great effort to promote food blogging and bring the best in the lime light, the place they all deserve. And Deeba’s surely is the one for the same.
    Best wishes .

  36. I was just on your blog – ’tis no wonder – most well-deserved recognition – Congratulations and three cheers 🙂

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